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One minute I was doodling concepts for Dag the vampire.

The next I’m slapping a big censor block over something and wondering ‘what the hell did I just doodle?’

…I need a feedback buddy.

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Just acquired a new beardie. Male. About four years olf. Yellow with tints of orange on his back and his beard, has a stubbed tail from a car accident, his name is Pistole and he is very friendly.

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Playing as final dinosaur in Tokyo Jungle.
Encountered a lot of other mes while playing.
100 years hit.
claim shop district.
still many dinosaurs.
I can’t eat any cause NO TO CANNIBALISM.
find female.
she is prime and I am veteren ranked.
she gets slaughtered by Homo Erectus.
i silently cuss to myself.
i hunt down other female.
she is also prime.
what are the odds.
bump into MORE Homo Erectus and more me dinosaurs.
die of starvation cause there’s nothing to eat and all I have is stamina jerky.

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Someday I will accumulate enough funds to commission Jester to scribble so many WT characters and maybe not just dogs. I need to give more love to the other creatures too. The designs will be finalized and I will do whatever I can to NOT change them.

especially considering I finally found out how I want the WT series to end.
It gets ugly.

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great fun

So we (my immediate family consisting of mom and dad and myself) are trying to acquire a house because the rent at the apartment we are staying at keeps going up and it’s just getting ridiculous to the extent where we now have to pay for water and electricity (shouldn’t be shocking to most people). My dad got the paperwork for a loan but we have to save up $11,000 to prove we can manage financial stuff (or something along those lines), but issues are making it somewhat impossible. Me being unemployed due to economy issues and my personal problems as well which are not important to the internet public.

Just recently we discovered that our dog Lil KD has a wound under her left front leg and the fact that she has some sort of an immune disorder makes healing a bit difficult or something along those lines. (in short, she has a risk of getting an infection).

and Bastion, one of my bearded dragons, is showing signs of having a sickness and I don’t know what to do because┬áthere is no reptile vet in my area.
My parents keep telling me that the vet clinic just down the street doesn’t treat reptiles. So chances are, if Bastion has caught something, he probably won’t last. Great.

Also SSI only allows me to have a certain amount of cash in my account, so saving up for anything past a thousand is out of the question. :c

And the job I tried so hard to apply for about a month ago refused to hire me cause I was special needs. A part of me believes it’s because of their safety protocol and they have had no work-related incidents for who-knows-how-long but it was impressive.
But I mentioned to them that I’ve done work for Home Depot and that place can be just as dangerous if no care is taken. Actually, any work environment can be hazardous if anyone is careless.

I might pursue Costco or Fred Meyer, or even try to get back into a program I was a part of that got me into Home Depot to begin with.


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It never changes.

War... War never changes. Or does it? The war has changed... Did it? The answer is no! Unless it is yes! No, of course it is! Is war! Yes! No! Yes?
Who is this?
and lol Duty Calls
Take a wild guess.
Fernando? Is that you?
Wrong gender dude
Then I really have no idea.
Okay then
Well I don't have this number in my phone, and I have no previous context go see who it is. in flying blind here. Myste?
Cool. now I can go back to playing wildstar.

Filed under and he sent me a link to google search of wildstar when i confessed my confusion weird ex person